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Pause and breathe

Do you ever start to feel overwhelmed in your day? With constant demands on your time and energy - tasks, to-dos, commitments, social media, emails, meetings. This seemingly endless stream of activity that keeps your mind busy, your brain cloudy, your thoughts focused externally, and your body tense and compressed.

At some point in my life I imagined (somewhat naively) that, when I could finally dedicate myself 100% to sharing yoga through teaching, I would be exempt from these feelings. In fact, when people ask what I do, they often respond by saying, “oh you must be so relaxed ALL the time”.

Yet the truth is none of us are exempt. Life is busy. It is demanding. The world we live in encourages us to focus outside ourselves. It leaves little time for silence or rest. No matter what you do, you will always have days when the pressure, expectations, commitments and comparison feel all too much.

One of the greatest, yet simplest, gifts of yoga is learning to stop and take a deep breath. And it’s one of the best antidotes I’ve found to these feelings of overwhelm.

Taking a deep breath (yes even just one!) can immediately shift your energy. It will relax your brain. Open your body. And reconnect you internally. Giving you a greater sense of how you are and what you need in that moment.

So wherever you are now. Whatever you are doing. Pause and take a deep breath. You don’t need a yoga mat or any fancy yoga gear. All you need is to inhale and feel your ribcage expand. Exhale feel jaw and neck soften. Repeat and continue…

(Photo is me and my little baby bump taking pause and a breath, just before teaching. I know she feels the benefit too!)

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