Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a highly effective body-centred approach to healing trauma, chronic stress and symptoms of overwhelm.


One of the key principles of this approach is that trauma is in the body, not the event. Unlike talking therapies that focus on the story of the what happened, Somatic Experiencing works in the here and now, communicating directly with the autonomic nervous system that regulates our responses to overwhelming events.


Somatic Experiencing addresses the stress and trauma that can get ‘stuck’ in the body. It helps to regulate the nervous system, creating a sense of safety and allowing trauma to slowly release from the body. 


This approach promotes resiliency and the capacity to heal. It can help us to gently integrate difficult life experiences and increase capacity, energy, and goodness in our lives.


Somatic Experiencing was developed by Dr Peter Levine. Find out more at Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and Somatic Experiencing Association UK.

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