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“Trauma is in the body, not in the event.”

- Dr Peter Levine

Somatic Experiencing is a body-centred approach to healing trauma, chronic stress and symptoms of overwhelm.

Trauma has a direct impact on the body by destabilising the autonomic nervous system (this is the system that governs our response to overwhelming events). When the survival energy from a traumatic experience is not discharged from the body, it remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.

Somatic Experiencing works with the autonomic nervous system to develop resilience and facilitate the slow release of the residual traumatic energy that is stuck in the system. This approach addresses the root cause of the symptoms associated with traumatic shock and developmental trauma.

It is a subtle and gentle way of working, which takes into account the client’s threshold so as not to cause overwhelm or re-traumatisation.  

Somatic Experiencing was developed by Dr Peter Levine. Find out more at:  Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and Somatic Experiencing Association UK.

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