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Despite being an active and generally healthy adult, I knew that after two very stressful years and the discovery of a non-healing stomach ulcer that I needed to stop and listen. Yoga seemed like a good idea.  In 2019 I started with a few lunch time classes and soon signed up for an introductory workshop to Forrest Yoga with Katie. I have not stopped taking her classes since. I had no idea what Forrest Yoga was and did not know Katie, but neither mattered as I soon learned how generous a teacher is Katie. Katie is a gentle and determined person who combines a softness of touch with an incredible  strength of purpose.  She is always learning and so, therefore, am I.  I like to describe her as a very sweet person who somehow manages to get me to call on resources - mental and physical - that I did not know I had.  It has been enlightening and confidence building and I do look forward to every single Forrest Yoga class no matter how much I ache the next day. Thank you Katie!

- Anna Myers, Laywer & Executive Director, WIN

I suffer from social anxiety so attending the course was a real achievement for me, after the first week I felt safe in the space and had no anxieties about going back the following week. I think Katie’s teaching style and positivity really make the class. I got the sense she understood everyone who was in the class and was able to sense what individuals needed.

- Yoga student at Merchant City Yoga

Katie's authentic teaching style and wholehearted presence with each student is inspirational. Her skillful, confident, graceful yet humble visual instructions are medicine to the eyes. Her precise, gentle, beautiful verbal instructions are medicine to the ears. The physical adjustments caring, nurturing and compassionate are medicine to the body. The strong practice nourished and sustained by focused breathing and full of positive intention is medicine to the soul.

- Fran Paine, Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher 

Katie is one of life’s most beautiful people and anything which she undertakes she does it with a sense of passion, grace and kindness. If you are lucky enough to attend one of her classes you will be in for a wonderful mind and body experience. She has an ability to create a safe and warm place for each individual to practice whilst leading all her students through a strong and nourishing class. She is a highly skilled teacher and ensures that her classes are accessible to all by providing clear instructions, both visually and audibly and offering adjustments when requested. Katie has been a true inspiration to me on my own teaching journey, always there with encouragement and support.

- Joslyn Stella, Yoga Teacher & Business Owner

Katie has a wonderful energy and a real skill for describing the journey into poses.

- Yoga student at Merchant City Yoga

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