My belief is that yoga is about bringing you into a relationship with your body that is based on kindness and compassion.


It is about learning to cultivate harmony and connection in all areas of your life. This starts with what you do with your body and mind on the yoga mat. 


Over the past 7 years my studies have taken me deeply into the practice of yoga and mindfulness, in particular the styles of Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, and iRest Yoga Nidra. My personal teaching style reflects my learning and practice, blending together these different yet complementary approaches. My teaching is also influenced by my studies in Somatic Experiencing and, as such, my classes are sensitive to those who have experienced trauma, chronic stress and/or overwhelm.


Group Yoga Classes

Yoga with Katie Saturday mornings 9.30-10.45am at Merchant City Yoga, Glasgow 

(Currently closed due to COVID-19)


My group classes are an invitation to slow down and take time to bring awareness to your breath and the feeling sensations in your body. To become familiar with how your body responds to particular movements and shapes. This way you can start to better understand your body and what it needs to feel healthy and vital.


For more information and to book, go to Merchant City Yoga.


Private Yoga Classes

Offered in blocks of 3 or 4 classes as minimum. Available Thursdays and Fridays 11am to 7pm

(Currently only offering online sessions due to COVID-19)


My one-to-one classes are highly individualised based on your intentions/goals. Sessions may include a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and physical shapes. My speciality is in helping you develop your own home practice. Empowering you with the tools and techniques to develop a practice that you can adapt to your own changing needs.



£45 per 60-minute session

Please give 4 days’ notice when cancelling. If notice is not given, payment would still need to be made.

00 44 (0)7816 492 843

Glasgow, UK