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Merchant City Yoga - Saturdays 930-1045am

This Forrest Yoga Level 1/2 group class is slower paced with a focus on establishing a good grounding in the foundations of a Forrest Yoga practice.

It is suitable for complete beginners to yoga and those new to Forrest Yoga, as well as those who want to review and strengthen the foundations of their practice.

Book via the studio website.

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Our World Yoga - Thursday 930-1045am - Currently covered by Vas

This mixed-level Forrest Yoga practice focuses on deep breathing and vigorous sequences to stimulate feeling in the body, engage the core, build strength and awaken the senses. 

These classes are limited to a maximum of 12 people to ensure everyone gets enough personalised attention

Cost: £12 drop-in or £10 for a block of classes 

Book by emailing me.




Class time and location TBC

This Yin Yoga class is a slow, gentle practice in which seated or reclined postures are held passively for 3-5 minutes or more (with the support of yoga props - blocks, bolsters, blankets).


By relaxing muscular effort (the Yang tissues), you allow the body to stretch the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints (the Yin tissues). This unravels areas of tension that dynamic yoga practice can not always access. 


Suitable for all levels. No previous experience of yoga or meditation required.

Book via the studio website.



These 2-hour morning intensive practices are offered on a regular basis at Prana Yoga..


The practice involves a short ceremony of intent setting, drumming and song, followed by a luxurious 2 hour Forrest Yoga asana practice. 

In each morning intensive, we will work with a different intent in order to weave a healing thread through our practice and use the time on the mat to build connection to our inner self. The poses will be sequenced to engage the core, build strength, awaken the senses, stimulate feeling in the body and deepen connection to the intent. 

The ceremony element of the practice will get us grounded and bring the wisdom of the Four Directions (North, South, East and West) into the practice. The drumming and song will raise our energy and help us prepare for the healing work that we will do in the asana practice.

This practice is open to all levels. Pose variations will be offered to make the practice both challenging and accessible. Some experience of Forrest Yoga is recommended but not essential. It is suitable for anyone with a regular practice in another yoga discipline and those who are physically fit.

Book via the studio website.


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